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Custom Web Design in Sydney – Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

4 Jan, 2023

Custom Web Design in Sydney – Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to web design, there are certain mistakes that a custom web design in Sydney should not have. This blog today will present a checklist of common mistakes to avoid in web designing. There is a lot that goes on to a website. Not only do you have to meet the client’s demands, but you also have to give the users what they want. Otherwise, the website is not going to be complete. The best part of all this is it helps avoid web designers’ mistakes.

Common Web Design Mistakes

Here is a collection of common web design mistakes to avoid.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to have a website that is not responsive, especially because more internet users are browsing with their mobile devices. If you don’t make the website responsive, it means you are alienating one-half of the prospective visitors. Thus, the first thing to do is to make the website responsive.

2. The Use of Jargons

Every website doesn’t have a high readability score. There is a lot of jargon online and not just in the usual places like the Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions page of the website. According to the best Bespoke web designs in Sydney, the best thing to do here is to use as little jargon as possible unless you have a strong reason to add it.

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3. The Size of the Content

It is hard to tell a message without any content. Thus, it is one of the most important reasons 46% of visitors leave a website. As per the best web design company in Sydney, it is great when you keep the website content to the point, informative and crisp. Also, you can add many elements that get the audience’s attention. For instance, if you have a gaming site, you can add photos, videos, and game trailers.

4. Call-to-Action

Every website needs something that encourages visitors to act. Even when the website simply offers information, you must have a CTA that encourages visitors to remember and return to the website. For instance, if you have a movie booking website, you can add a “get a ticket” button that takes you to a ticket page relevant to the geolocation.

5. Unclear Communication & Navigation

A complicated website layout and poor communication make the users click away without really understanding what the site and products are all about. According to the best custom web designs in Sydney, avoiding any confusion that could frustrate the users as they navigate through the website is better. Also, avoid making any assumptions.

6. Too Many Website Elements

As per the Bespoke website design in Sydney, the design team sometimes gets overly enthusiastic about all the content they want to add to their website. Thus, they forget to prioritize clarity. The result? A cluttered user interface with many elements leads to overwhelmed customers. On the other hand, a good website will always let the users navigate clearly and intuitively without any unnecessary clutter. Therefore, to ensure an easy browsing experience for the users, it is good to avoid too many fonts and colors and ensure you don’t overload the images, media elements, and buttons.

So, here is a checklist of all the mistakes that a custom web design company in Sydney should avoid. If you are doing any one of them, it is crucial to stop right now. This checklist should stop even the beginners or startup owners in making any mistakes as a web design company in Sydney. If you are in search of the best custom web design company in Sydney, get in touch with us today.