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Digital marketing is the best way to market any product or service of a brand. The right digital marketing strategy can make or break a business. Yes, digital marketing strategies vary depending on the customization, and it is always a trial-and-error process. However, when you opt for the best custom digital marketing companies in Sydney, they can offer professional solutions to grow your brand because they are already experienced. Today's blog will discuss the art of marketing and the digital marketing strategies that drive results. 

The Saltshaker’s Test in Marketing

In marketing, the saltshaker test is a way to determine whether the product will be profitable in a market. The test is pretty much straightforward. It is based on the principle of visibility. If the customers can't see a specific product, they will not buy it. According to the best custom digital marketing companies in Sydney, visibility is why the in-store products are displayed or advertised heavily on television, and they tend to do well. But on the other hand, the products that are difficult to find or hidden away on the store shelves are much less likely to be purchased. 

The Power Words & Emotions in Modern Digital Marketing

Modern-day digital marketing is all about playing with the consumers' emotions. One of the best tools of a marketer's toolkit is the use of "power words." These words invoke an emotional response or garner a sense of urgency. When used effectively, these words can be highly persuasive. As per the best custom digital marketing companies in Sydney, the following are some of the best power words. 

  • Amazing
  • Game-changing
  • Incredible
  • Life-changing
  • Must-have
  • Don't miss out

    When used in the right way, power words can help in increasing conversions and sales. Therefore, if you plan to boost marketing results, you should not underestimate the power of "power words."

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    Relationship Marketing Strategy

    This long-term marketing strategy focuses on creating strong, ongoing relationships with customers and prospects. The objective is to build loyalty and repeat business by offering the best customer experience and value. As per the best custom digital marketing companies in Sydney, this marketing strategy involves four primary elements. They are:

  • Creating customer loyalty programs
  • Creating an integrated marketing communications strategy 
  • Tailoring customer experience
  • Using data and analytics to understand customer behavior 

    When properly executed, a relationship marketing strategy leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher brand awareness, resulting in more sales & profit. Also, you must note that relationship marketing needs a significant investment of resources, dedication, and time. Nevertheless, relationship marketing is a highly effective way to build long-term brand loyalty and equity for companies willing to commit.