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The Essential Rules to Follow in Logo & Branding Design Services for Your Business

14 Nov, 2022

The Essential Rules to Follow in Logo & Branding Design Services for Your Business

Have you ever tried to think why a logo is so important? The simple answer is that it’s the foundation of your brand – the identification symbol people associate with your company. Therefore, your logo should make an impact and be instantly memorable.

Creating an impactful visual representation of your brand is more than simply graphic design. Following specific design rules is necessary to create a logo that effectively reflects your company.

Represent your brand

The logo must represent your brand effectively. Of course, you can’t reflect every detail of your business in your logo, but it must relate to your brand somehow.

Brainstorm and sketch many different ideas

The first step in designing an impressive and compelling logo is brainstorming ideas and making initial sketches. A good starting point is about 20 to 30 rough sketches– then branch out and create different variations of these original ideas.

Keep it simple with balance and symmetry

Sometimes less is more. The simpler the logo is, the more recognizable and memorable it will be. Remove any unnecessarily complicated design elements, so you end up with a simple version. Did you know human eyes are naturally drawn to symmetrical images? Since a balanced design is inherently appealing, ensure your logo has weight, color, and graphics balance.

Size, color, and font are essential

Since your logo will be seen in various sizes, it must look good in every size. It won’t be effective if it loses more definition when scaled down to a tiny icon on mobile devices and business cards. Since color appeals to people’s emotions, you should choose colors that match your brand’s overall feel and tone. Using one font is ideal, but make sure it’s legible when scaled down. Selecting a custom font will make your logo uniquely different and distinguished. Avoid commonly used fonts that can make your logo look unprofessional.

Be original and memorable

Research logos for inspiration, but make sure your logo is original. The colors, fonts, and symbols in your logo design should be uniquely different than your competitors. Since creating a logo is to build brand recognition, your logo needs to be memorable. Choose a simple design that people easily remember and instantly recognize as your brand.

Test on all media

Test out your logo and make sure it looks great on all forms of media. What works on a computer screen may not look the same on a mobile device or printed in black and white. Your logo should be clear and recognizable in all forms of media.

Hire a professional logo designer

Only attempt to create your logo if you’re a graphic designer with an extensive understanding of branding and creative media. An amateur logo will make you look unprofessional and could damage your business and reputation.

Final thoughts

Does your business need a professional logo design?

There’s no denying the impact of a recognizable logo. It’s the foundation of your brand and uniquely identifies your company from your competitors. Digital SFTware offers high-quality, professional design services – including customized, high-resolution logo design. Our graphic designers will ensure your logo is clear and impactful. Contact us today to learn more!