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Why is it Crucial to Select the Correct Color for a Logo Design?

20 Dec, 2022

Why is it Crucial to Select the Correct Color for a Logo Design?

Choosing the right color matters in every sector of life. The same thing applies to the logo of a business. The first thing that people notice about a business is the logo. Therefore, color plays a vital part in that. According to professional logo design companies in the USA, the colors represent the business’s or brand’s visual taste. Believe it or not, a specific logo color can influence whether someone will buy a product or take a service. In simple terms, a logo can influence the purchasing decision. Today’s blog will explain why it is crucial to choose the right color for branding logo design services.

1. Color Addresses Emotion

Different colors create a different impact on human emotions. As per the professional logo design companies in the USA, these feelings garner audience reaction and help them remember the brand identity. However, it is crucial to make sure that the colors you choose can convey the brand’s message. Here is a checklist of the common colors and their significance.

  • Green – This color represents something good, peaceful, fresh, healthy, and organic.
  • Red – Red is considered a color that indicates boldness and urgency.
  • Blue – In a lot of cases, blue represents tranquility or calmness.
  • Orange – Orange refers to fun & enthusiasm.
  • Yellow – Many people consider yellow to be the color of happiness.
  • Pink & Purple – These two colors are mostly regarded as feminine and represent youthfulness.
  • Black – Black conveys boldness, sophistication, power, and mystery.

2. Color is Also a Good Attention Seeker

As mentioned above, the first thing people notice in a logo is the color. According to professional logo design companies in the USA, the human brain collects almost 80% of visual data. Therefore, a logo must possess some eye-popping colors to catch the consumers’ attention.

3. Color Acts Synonymous to the brand

When a business starts, people don’t remember the name of the brand during the initial days. After that, however, they will memorize the logo design’s color and memorize it. Therefore, most people synonymize a specific color with a particular brand.

As stated by professional logo design companies in the USA, the proper selection of colors for the logo should be a part of the marketing strategy, especially if you want to gain the attention of potential customers. To ensure successful sales, the branding strategy connects with the hearts and minds of the audience.

How to Choose the Logo Colors?

Before choosing the colors for branding logo design services, you must consider the message you wish your business to convey. What are the virtues that you want to highlight? Is it speed, innovation, boldness, compassion, or efficiency? According to professional logo design companies in the USA, the brand personality traits that appeal to the target customer are essential when choosing the logo colors. Consumers consciously or subconsciously choose the colors that align with their identities. Colors help consumers categorize services and products and identify which ones are for them.

How to Combine the Logo Colors?

You might get away with focusing only on the brand personality traits to create a single logo color. However, when you combine colors for branding logo design services, you must consider visual harmony. For example, your brand might be luxurious and earthy, but brown and purple are two colors that don’t go well together. There are specific techniques that help you to leverage tried and true aesthetic principles for combining colors effectively.